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About Aleona Lund


Meet Aleona

Hi friends! So glad you found me!

I am so excited a little bit about my life behind my instagram account. My name Aleona, I am a college student studying graphic design. I specifically designed this website to show my personality and my interests. I love to design things! so trying to design this blog alone, took quite some time! I soon hope to one day own my own business to sell my designs!

I am from small town in Minnesota, but that being said, I love to adventurous and travel when given the chance! my other hobbies outside of designing include photography, art, traveling, & fitness! I especially love hanging out with family and friends!

I didn't’t come to mind to be a blogger or influencer, but people really enjoyed seeing my art and enthusiastic ,one for fashion! I first started out trying to sell designs on Redbubble, (which I currently do). then my friends and family would tell me to keep designing things as people enjoyed them-so I did.

Being one who loves instagram, I would receive questions about my wardrobe, and that’s when I thought to start blog to document my fashion and art. So blogging became a way for me to share both my passion of art and fashion in hope to inspire others to enjoy fashion and make them feel beautiful & confident! I always love sharing a good sale and adorable clothing and items from some of my favorite shops! i.e Target-who doesn’t love target?!

my goal is to share my own opinions and content that I believe will benefit my friends, family, and followers.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!


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